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Reality & Ideality

김태일 작가는 Rembrandt 와 같은 올드 마스터들 과 19 세기 인상파 작품에 깊은 영향을 받았으며, 전통 유화의 페인팅 기법과 명암법을 이용하여 작품의 드라마적 요소와 깊이를 더하고 있다. 그는 이러한 연구 결과가 작품속의 흔들리지 않는 아름다움으로 나타난다고 생각한다. 또한, 그의 작업은 드로잉의 리듬감 으로 전개되는 "개념적 초상화"로 시작 하며 작품의 모티브는 인간 내면의 관찰에서 비롯 된다. 이러한 다양한 경험과 깊은 영감으로, "현실과 이상"을 고민하며 살아가는 현대인들에게 다양한 해석으로 전해지길 기대하고 있다.


Taeil Kim begins his art by thinking, “how will I observe and re-create the figure?” Influenced by his observations of people's daily interactions with nature, he is able to create moving and unique portraits. Kim is heavily influenced by the work of such masters as Rembrandt and 19th Century Impressionism. These influences are reflected in the expressive brushwork and heavy use of Chiaroscuro he employs to add drama and depth to his paintings. The result is a beautiful and cohesive body of work. Kim received his MFA in Fine Art, Illustration from the Academy of Art University in 2012.


P for Y 갤러리  Sale for  art & print 

PSA   Portrait Society of America member.  2012~

OPA  Oil Painters of America member. 2012~2015

2023  9th  Solo Exhibitions

           “Castrato” P for Y. Seoul

2022  8th  Solo Exhibitions

           “My 25 Sewing Machines” P for Y. Seoul

2022  7th  Solo Exhibitions

           “Nocturne” P for Y. Seoul

2021  6th  Solo Exhibitions

          “Castrato” P for Y. Seoul

2020  5th  Solo Exhibitions

           “Reality and Ideality” P for Y. Seoul

2019  4th  Solo Exhibitions

           “Women’s stories” P for Y 갤러리

2018  3rd  Solo Exhibitions

           “Reality and Ideality - Portrait” P for Y 갤러리

2018  Portrait Society of America 2018

           International Portrait Competition’s Select 50

2017  2nd Exhibitions “Reality and Ideality-Nude”

           이즈 is Gallery,  Seoul.

2014 5th Place 

         Portrait Society of America 2015

         Member's only Competition: Commissioned

2013 Best Buildings Award 2013

         PleinAir Salon. 

2013   Group Exhibitions “Figurative” Sunnyvale  Art Gallery, Sunnyvale, CA

2013   Group Exhibitions  Fine Art Etc Gallery, Sausalito, CA

2013 Solo Exhibitions Cannery Gallery, San Francisco.

2012 Finalist - Southwest Art Magazine,

         Artistic Excellence competition.
2012 Finalist - Artist’s Magazine,
        29th Annual Art Competition.

2012 MFA, Illustration, Academy of Art University

        San Francisco, CA

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